Why Christian Academy for the Deaf

It is widely known that less than 1% of people who are Deaf or hard of hearing know and walk with relationship with Jesus. At CAD, we aim to nurture and equip students to grow in their love of God and become leaders for the Church worldwide.

Greater than 94% of children who are deaf are born to parents who are hearing. CAD helps both parents and students gain the fluency to share their faith together without any barriers of language or understanding. We seek to serve the whole family, equipping students to understand and lead, equipping parents to share in their child’s growing academic and faith endeavors, and equipping the Church to serve these families and, in turn, be served by them.

The Christian Academy for the Deaf strives to create a seat of learning and research for children who are deaf or hard of hearing so that they may receive an exemplary education without discrimination or restraint by using American Sign Language as the accessible language of instruction with dual literacy in English.


Christian Academy for the Deaf offers children an ASL, printed English, Bilingual, Christian learning environment that is nurturing, consistent, safe and peaceful. We promote the developmental needs of children by building academic, social, emotional and moral skills and values.


Creating a place of educational freedom and social justice for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Establishing Advocacy for the deaf community and helping families be advocates for their deaf or hard of hearing children.


Why a Christian Academy for the Deaf?

Perhaps the simplest answer is because they deserve it!  We believe that a Christ-centered education should be available to all; and especially to the deaf and hard of hearing community!


To honor God, creator, Christ, Savior, and with the Holy Spirit, counselor, as our guide creating a place of educational freedom and social justice for children who are deaf or hard of hearing where they can grow in the nurture and admonition of the Lord while receiving academic instruction that meets their communication, emotional and social needs.

Faith Comes Through Hearing… Helping all to hear…

Think of all the Christian Schools you have known of in your life either by experience or reputation. How many of those do you suppose would be accessible to a child with a hearing difference? In those schools that came to mind would there be direct instruction in the natural, native, visual language of a child who did not have access to auditory information? Would there be a deaf educator who is trained  best practice based on current research? Would there be peer relationships without communication barrier? In the absence of these necessities would there be accommodation through qualified sign language interpreters? Now extend the same questions to the Sunday School Classes and church services that you are likely to have enjoyed in your life-time. Why a Christian Academy for the Deaf? The answer is simple. All children should have the opportunity to learn about Jesus.

Give to CAD Today

We do not charge tuition for our students and instead rely on the generous support of local and national partners to make this education possible. Please consider how you can bless this ministry.