Creating A Place of Educational Freedom and Excellence for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

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Christian Academy for the Deaf offers children an ASL, printed English, Bilingual, Christian learning environment that is nurturing, consistent, safe and peaceful. We promote the developmental needs of children by building academic, social, emotional and moral skills and values.


Our school offers cutting-edge early childhood education that focuses on developing and strengthening emerging character and brainpower through American Sign Language and printed English. A strong intellectual curiosity, love for learning, and service to God is imparted to young children through instruction and positive role models.

Focus areas: ASL Language Arts, English Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Geography, Sensory Training, Biblical Culture, Art and ASL Creative Arts.


This program provides top-notch elementary education specifically designed for Deaf children with a strong focus on developing multiple intelligences. Current, research based strategies and methodologies for effective teaching deaf and hard of hearing children are the basis for all instruction. Elementary age children are trained to become role models for younger children while building an awareness and appreciation of World cultures.

Focus Areas: ASL Language Arts, Printed English Language Arts, Science, History, Mathematics, Citizenship, Bible Education, Physical Education, Geography, World Culture, Drama, and Visual Arts.

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We do not charge tuition for our students and instead rely on the generous support of local and national partners to make this education possible. Please consider how you can bless this ministry.